Randy Alcorn on Abortion and the Election

I just recently watched a video of Barak Obama at a  Planned Parenthood event. It’s pretty clear that he is completely committed to the abortion friendly “pro-choice” position. In response to one woman’s question he says a first priority in his presidency would be to sign the “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA), a proposed federal law to nullify virtually all federal and state limitations on abortion. Check out the video below: 

Below is an excerpt from a related blog written by Randy Alcorn on 10/22/08. 

When someone says, “Abortion isn’t the only issue,” I agree. If neither candidate were committed to the legalized killing of people, any people, then I would say, by all means weigh and measure those other important issues and make your choice. But can you seriously argue that these other issues trump the killing of millions of innocent children, not just now, but in the decades to come under a pro-abortion Supreme Court that could have been a pro-life Supreme Court? Don’t you believe that though there were other issues in Nazi Germany besides the killing of Jews, Gypsies and the disabled, that all those other issues were trumped by that one?

I am not excited about John McCain in every area. But when I compare him to Barack Obama in the overriding issue of our day, the right of preborn children to live, there is a stark and radical difference. In America right now, the rights of Jews to live is not on the table. The right of unborn children to live is on the table. The killing of the unborn is the holocaust of our day. Where do you want to have stood on this issue? Where do you want the man you vote for to have stood on it? If your grandchildren ask you one day whether you voted for or against the right of children to live, what will you say?

Would John McCain be a great president? I don’t know. Maybe he wouldn’t even be a good president. There are so many claims by both candidates that their words seem like wind to me. I don’t feel like I know a lot. But I do know for certain that one candidate defends the right of the unborn to live, and the other is utterly committed to be sure that it remains legal to kill them. 


Alcorn has posted on the issue of abortion and the election several times recently and his comments are pretty in depth. They deal with a lot of questions I’ve heard sincere Christians raising in relationship to abortion and the upcoming election. Check the blog and his recent posts at this link: http://randyalcorn.blogspot



~ by Larry Kirk on November 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “Randy Alcorn on Abortion and the Election”

  1. Boy–I think Randy Alcorn is right on. I would love to hear what others think. How can we ignore this? How can we make other issues bigger than this?

  2. The victory of Obama now puts this and other issues back onto the shoulders of the church to fight for through education and relavent activism at grass roots levels. I have heard Mr. Obama describe himself as a pragmatist, not an idealist. In other words, he is saying he will act in each circumstance according to what he feels is the most logical and practical action. However, an ideology can also be known as a world view. We all have one, and it is typically shaped by our past experiences, beliefs, associations and circumstances. We will see how his “ideology”, or world view, affects his pragmatism as the next President of the United States. In the mean time, may the church rise up to protect the innocent and fight for social justice.

  3. What are your thoughts now that he has been elected?

  4. Well nothing left to do now but pray. Obama might be a believer, and who knows, the Holy Spirit within him might stir up some convictions about this.

    • Hi! My name is Barry and I attend Grace Family Church in Lutz, FL. I am cunrertly in a small group and we are going to do a study of the book Radical , so I was surfing the net for info when I came across your site.I really like the format and all of the questions you used in weeks 4 thru 8, but weeks 1, 2 & 3 didn’t have the same format!? Did you get your info for weeks 4 thru 8 from a workbook or something? I would really like to utilize your format with my small group, but I want it to be consistant.Can you get back with me and let me know if you have the additional info for weeks 1 thru 3? I would greatly appreciate it!Thank you for your cooperation & God Bless You!Sincerely,Barry Grant

  5. Can one really imagine any of the 23 million children aborted since the passing of Roe v. Wade who would have been of voting age this past election as holding such a low view on this “only issue” (if they had only been given the chance to speak rather than silenced)? And this says nothing of the other 24+ million who would not have been of voting age. To state that this is not the “only issue” confronting us today does not demand that we be silent on it nor does it mean that it is irrelevant. When economics, global warming or any other issue takes precedence over human life, one needs to question their value system. I agree with the earlier post – we are called to pray to the Author of Life.

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