The Walk: Week 2 Day 5, Going Deeper

Day 5:  Going Deeper

Look at John 14:20 where Jesus says, you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. What Jesus is describing here is what theologians call the spiritual union of Christ with his people. What it means is that when you believe in Jesus, you are born again spiritually and Christ not only becomes present with you but also at the same time one with you. His Spirit interpenetrates your renewed and reborn human spirit. So that his presence in your life is not only by your side but in your thoughts, in your mind, will and emotions in the deepest way. Some people emphasize the verse from the prophet Jeremiah that says the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked. So they figure everything within them is bad. But Scripture also says that when you experience new birth in Christ you receive a new heart and a new nature. Christ, by the Holy Spirit, comes into your life and unites himself to that new and spiritually reborn part of your innermost being. Christ become one with you. Then from that place of new life he begins to speak, to counsel, to strengthen, to purify, to convict, to guide from within. In Galatians Paul says, Christ lives in me. From within your heart Jesus says: “Follow me.”

The presence of Christ and the gift of the Spirit should change how you think of yourself; your very identity. There’s a crazy old story about a man who went to a psychiatrist because whenever he went grocery shopping and walked past the pet food he had an overpowering urge to rip open a bag of dog food and start eating. The doctor had never heard anything like this so he asked, “When did this begin?” The man said, “I think it’s been this way ever since I was a puppy.” I know it’s a silly story but it makes a point. The way you see yourself has a tremendous impact on the way you live your life. Your sense of who you are drives a lot of what you do. How do you see yourself? The Bible says if you believe in Jesus Christ then see the truth about who you really are through him. You are a needy human being whose needs have been deeply met by God’s grace. You are not pure in yourself but you have been cleansed by Christ. You don’t deserve God’s love but it has flooded your life. You are not powerful in yourself but you are not alone, you can do all things through Him who strengthens you. You are not an orphan, unknown or cared for scrambling to make it on your own. You have Christ in you by the Holy Spirit who has been given to you forever. Christ is in you, you are in Him and he is in the Father and you have become one with him by grace. To live life with Jesus, following him is not some restrictive limitation imposed on you from outside is what you were made for and saved for.

Sometimes we look at the gospel with tunnel vision, seeing only one facet of the blessings and promises that come to us through faith in Jesus. The result is that the impact of the gospel on our hearts to strengthen us for a life of discipleship is diminished. The gospel brings us much more than the promise of forgiveness and acceptance into heaven when we die. Through the gospel we are brought into a reconciled relationship with God. We are united to him! His Spirit lives in us so that we “participate in the divine nature”. We become new creatures with a new identity in Christ and a new power for life. His love, truth and beauty satisfies our hearts deeper longings. All of God promises are ours through faith in Jesus.

What gospel promises do you focus on the most? What gospel promises to you tend to overlook or neglect. What difference might it make in your life to see more fully the full dimensions of the grace of God that you receive through faith in Jesus?

Take a moment to pray asking God to help you see who you are in Christ. Then take a moment and in your own words write down some of your thoughts to complete this sentence. I see by faith in Jesus, that in Christ I am

Continue reading the Bible. Write down your questions, thoughts and insights as you read. Don’t forget to review your memory verse from last week and this week.


~ by Larry Kirk on January 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Walk: Week 2 Day 5, Going Deeper”

  1. We have been involved in studies on the Spirit of God at Church lately, and I have been realizing that throughout my life, I have seen God through a box. I am finally now learning to open my eyes and expand my box in the larger sense of the Trinity. i realize from reading this that it is also very easy to put the gospel in a box too. In fact in some ways its easier to do that than it is to see the Gospel in its totality. Taken as part of the whole, its easier to try to take the Bible one chunk at a time and like the picture above says the Gospel says ” I am forgiven.” As mature Christians, devoted to expanding our faith, I believe the Holy Spirit is not satisfied with that. We are called to see the word for exactly what it is, little pieces and big pieces alike. If we are truly intertwined and united with the Holy Spirit then how can we be satisfied with only knowing one small piece of ourselves ?

  2. Ladies at my table, thanks for your good discussion! Your involvement and questions make it a pleasure. I read this morning that Jesus is the bread of life (first reading of this week) and even though I have read that for years, it strengthens my heart as I believe it.
    I look forward to next week.

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